Pricing Guide for Wedding Cakes

Buttercream average starting price is $3 per guest
Fondant average starting price is $4 per guest
Delivery and set up charge is usually $50

Delivered wedding cakes start at a minimum $350. Our average wedding cake price in 2015 was $544; with prices ranging from $300 to $920.

All wedding cakes include:

  • Each cake tier a different flavor
  • Filling in every cake
  • Free anniversary cake
  • No rental fee on any stands; we have them all & require a deposit which is fully refundable when returned the Monday following your wedding. More information available in the deposit section.

The exact cost of your wedding cake depends on:

  • Number of guests
  • Icing choice: buttercream or fondant
  • Flower choice
  • Location of reception
  • What designs you like best

Number of guests is the greatest factor in the price of a wedding cake. It is best to pick out a cake you love & then let us size it for you. The biggest parties we have done recently have used kitchen cakes to help keep the cost down.

Icing choice will also affect the price of your cake. The average buttercream wedding cake costs approximately $3 per guest; while fondant wedding cake costs approximately $4 per guest. Fondant cakes are more expensive due to the cost of the fondant itself & the fact that all of our fondant cakes are also covered in buttercream. So, that is twice the icing & work.

Flowers add great impact to a wedding cake. The current trend is to use fresh flowers. That will be part of the bill from your florist. We have worked with all local florists which makes it very easy for you. There are also icing flowers & gumpaste flowers which can be added to your cake.

Location is a factor in price as well. We include a $50 delivery and set-up charge to all area venues. If we are traveling out of our area, a minimal charge will be added. Fremont, Oak Harbor & Cleveland are usually approximately $50 additional.

We usually deliver wedding cakes in the morning. If we are unable to deliver until late in the day, it may increase the cost, since we will have to be "on the clock" longer. If you are using a hall like the UAW, Bronson or Grotto, you will have to schedule the delivery with us, because you will have the key.